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How to find a professional car prototype proofing factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-03- 22 17: 28

today's living standards are getting higher and higher. When people buy cars, the requirements for cars are getting higher and higher, therefore, many auto manufacturers need to continuously develop new cars in order to stand on the market, otherwise they will be eliminated. In the process of developing cars, prototypes are naturally indispensable. By making a prototype, we can find out the shortcomings of the design and improve it so that the product can be more and more perfect.

since you need to make a prototype, you have to find the corresponding prototype proofing factory? Moreover, we also need to find professional prototype proofing manufacturers, otherwise we will waste time and not say it. More importantly, we will lag behind our competitors by missing the opportunity to promote new products. In fact, like our Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory, it is a professional large-scale automobile prototype proofing factory. It has accumulated 15 years of technical experience and many prototype model design and production personnel, it can provide you with high-quality products and perfect services to meet the needs of various functional prototypes and appearance prototypes; Meet High requirements and high standards of customers.

during this 15-year prototype industry journey, in addition to our cooperation with BYD, we are also trusted by many auto processing manufacturers and have also done many large car prototypes. As shown in the following figure, this car bumper prototype requires 10 customers, if these 10 are processed with CNC, the price will be very expensive; However, if low pressure perfusion is used, the work efficiency can be greatly improved and the cost will be much less.

also, many prototype factories need to be sent out when making car prototypes, and customers' business secrets are easy to disclose. The extension model can provide a one-stop service without external distribution. At that time, it effectively protected the customer's business secrets. There will never be a situation where the new products you have worked hard to develop are first released by competitors. Therefore, if you need to find a professional car prototype proofing manufacturer, the extension model is an option that you must not miss.

Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in 3d printing and rapid prototyping. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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