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Lock, stock and a smoking printer? UK police seize ‘3D-printed gun parts’

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
Allegedly gun parts were found along with 3D printers, when officers of the Greater Manchester Police force conducted a search on Thursday in the Baguley area of wynshawi in southern Manchester.
If these parts prove to be legal, bankruptcy will represent the first
The next seizure.
The weapon is almost entirely made with a 3D printer made of plastic, creating the possibility of escaping the detection of metal detectors at airport security checks.
Fire specialists are now conducting forensic checks on these components to determine if they can be used to build functional equipment.
A man was arrested on suspicion of making gunpowder and is currently being detained for questioning.
Police are concerned that these weapons may have been manufactured privately by criminals in their own homes, so they evade the detection of security scanners at airports and other high levels. risk targets.
\"If what we have seized turns out to be a viable and constituent building a real gun, then, it proves that organized crime groups are getting the technology they can buy on the street to produce the next generation of weapons, \"Detective Inspector Chris mothorpe of Greater Manchester told Sky News.
\"In theory, the technology basically allows criminals to produce their own guns privately in their own homes, and then they can provide these guns to criminal gangs that cause this pain in our community,\" he said.
\"Because they are also plastic, X can be avoided
Light detection makes it easy for them to hide and smuggle.
These may be the next generation of weapons.
A reviewer at the California Institute of Technology
However, the blog GigaOM points out that the parts shown on the media are \"actually parts for 3D printers\", not parts for weapons.
\"If the police think the part on the photo is the trigger, just search for mk8 on thingiverse.
You will see that it is an automatic upgrade part of the printer.
User nuno gato wrote: \"I really don\'t understand this media/Police upgrade related to a 3d printer with a gun . . . . . . This is a tool for making 3d parts, not guns . \".
A few hours later, the New Scientist came to the same conclusion that the \"trigger\" found by the police appeared to be part of the aMakerBot 3D printer designed to squeeze 3D
Print objects made of plastic.
By the way, this \"clip\" looks like a part used to hold a plastic wire shaft.
\"It does look like part of the MakerBot,\" Stuart Offer, of3D-
3 t rpd, a printing company in Newbury, UK, told the media.
\"These 3D-printed guns seem to make headlines, but I don\'t know why they take off so much,\" he said . \" Because homemade weapons are not difficult to make, he said.
\"A small engineer in his shed, there is a mill at the bottom of the garden, and he can make a proper metal barrel, capable of firing a highSpeed Bullet.
\"3D printing weapons have attracted the attention of law enforcement personnel around the world for the first time, after the Ministry of Defense announced the successful test --
A pistol was fired with a 3D printer.
The organization consists of a 25-year-oldcrypto-
The anarchy, Cody Wilson, posted \"the ingle-shot . 380-
Caliber Liberator online.
Before the US State Department requested the documents to be deleted, the documents were downloaded more than 100,000 times in just two days.
Britain is number one.
5 download plan uponpublication, Germany, Brazil, the United States and Spain occupy the top four.
A version of the Liberator is on display at the Septemberin Museum of Victoria and Albert in London. The only non-
The plastic part of the Liberator is a small nail that can be used as both a shooting needle and a shooting needle.
It fired 380 bullets.
Wilson is reportedly making plastic bullets that will make it virtually impossible to detect during security checks. 3D-
A printed gun can also be manufactured without a serial number or unique identifier, thus triggering a ballistic test.
Anyone with a 3D printer that is complex enough to make this weapon for $1,725 or less.
After the user downloads the design of the gun or part, the printer itself spews molten plastic to produce a 3D shape of any design downloaded.
According to Forbes magazine, a real 3D gun costs only $25.
Police agencies in Germany, Austria and Australia (
To better understand the efficacy of 3D weapons, I have tried 3D weapons.
Preliminary tests, however, suggest that users are likely to be disabled or suicidal rather than targeted, although guns are expected to become more complex as technology advances.
Michael Brzoska said: \"In Germany and most European countries, it is legal to have unregistered weapons, even if it is made domestically, and to be punished by law, \"a security expert and director of the Institute for Peace Research and Security at the University of Hamburg recently told the New York Times.
\"But, if technically possible, the temptation to try is a good one.
\"While it is currently legal for a person to make firearmfor for personal use in the United States, an EU directive has banned the use of 3d printers to produce weapons.
After the massacre at 1996 Dunblane Elementary School, the UK banned the use of pistols, when a gunman shot 16 children and an adult before committing suicide.
So far, there have been no reports of violent crimes committed using 3d printing weapons.
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