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Longhua prototype factory-Good quality for regular manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-01- Hello everyone, customers know that Shenzhen has many manufacturers, large and small. Just last month, a customer wanted to find Longhua prototype factory to cooperate in the prototype business, but because the nearby small factories were not particularly professional. So find a regular manufacturer on the Internet to negotiate to see if it can be made.

It is a coincidence that it is also a minor celebrity in Shenzhen's regional extension model Technology Co. , Ltd. It is a successful prototype model manufacturer. The prototype model produced is comparable to some small Longhua prototype factories. If the precision is high, the appearance is exquisite during the exhibition, and the award is an affirmation of the quality.

so this customer will trust extension more and want to visit the factory. The staff also received the warm reception. After coming to the scene, I checked the five-axis machining machine used. There are also very professional hand masters. I am very satisfied with the cooperation requirements on the spot and became an old customer of the company.

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