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Looking for a prototype manufacturer in Dongguan-Look at Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2018-12- 05 11: 49

Mr. Zhao last week, because the prototype customization manufacturer in Dongguan previously found often had some minor problems, always delayed delivery so I was ready to change one to do it, but I made a mistake in finding a prototype factory and found several nearby. I was not satisfied. However, the company needs to take this product to the exhibition in a hurry.

Mr. Zhao could not find a satisfactory Dongguan prototype customization manufacturer nearby and when you are very anxious, I found it on Baidu and saw a lot of information about the extension model. There are still a lot of Baidu know that I found the extension prototype model manufacturer through the network, although I learned that the extension model is not in Dongguan, it is relatively safe to be close to Shenzhen.

after the project manager of tuowei introduced Mr. Zhao to the prototype customization manufacturer in Dongguan scale and strength, after sending a lot of pictures of the prototype of the sample, the company's drawings were sent to the manager. After detailed evaluation by extension engineer and American technical director, a detailed processing plan was given and sent to the customer, who was very satisfied after receiving it. 3 days later, Mr. Zhao received the prototype and was very satisfied. At the end of the exhibition, he personally came to the Tuowei model for a deeper communication and long-term cooperation.

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