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new 3d printer can create complex tissues

by:Tuowei     2019-09-03
Los Angeles: Scientists have developed a 3D printer that can make therapeutic biological materials, paving the way for future development
It is necessary to print the complex artificial tissue needed for transplant and surgery.
The technology was developed by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
In the United States, use a lamp
It takes advantage of a custom 3D printer with two key components.
The first one is customized.
Micro-flow control chip
A small flat platform similar to the size of computer chips
Multiple entrances to each \"print\" different material.
The other component is a digital micromirror, an array of millions of micromirrors, each moving independently.
\"Organizations are very complex structures, so to design artificial versions that are functional, we have to recreate the complexity of them,\" said Ali hadmoseni, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.
\"Our new approach provides a way to build complex biocompatible structures made of different materials,\" led khademhoseini, who studied in the journal Advanced Materials.
The researchers used different types of gel.
The material that forms the tissue growth bracket after passing through the printer.
The micro mirror direct the light to the print surface, and the lighting area indicates the outline of the 3D object being printed.
Light also causes molecular bonds in the material, resulting in the gel being firmly formed into a solid material.
When a 3D object is printed, the mirror array changes the light pattern to indicate the shape of each new layer.
This process is the first process of using multiple materials for automated stereo printing --
It is better than the traditional stereo printing bio-printing that only uses one material.
Four creatures were used in the demonstration device
The authors of the study wrote that the process could accommodate as much ink as needed.
The researchers first used the process to make simple shapes, such as pyramids.
They then made complex 3D structures that mimic the parts of the muscle tissue and muscles
Bones connect the tissue.
They also print out the shape of a simulated tumor using a vascular network, which can be used as a biological model for studying cancer.
They tested the printing structure by planting mice.
The structure was not rejected.
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