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Plastic prototype model with small tolerance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-11- 08 11: 55

Miss Li found the extension model on the internet. Miss Li's plastic prototype model always has a large tolerance during the test, the test results were inaccurate, which seriously affected the development of new products. Did you ask if there is any good solution to the extension model?

It can be learned through brief communication between customer service and Miss Li that Miss Li had found a low-cost plastic prototype factory, the prototype factory is relatively small in scale and the equipment is not very old CNC machining center. Although the quotation is relatively cheap, the tolerance of the prototype is difficult to do very little, which will lead to some problems.

The relevant customer service of the extension model told her, the company has adopted a large CNC machining center. Most of the machines have been introduced in the past two years. Some of them are 5-axis machines. When processing the plastic prototype model, the tolerance can be 0. 05mm, if such a prototype is used for testing, the result is accurate and can help enterprises develop new products better.

Miss Li listened to the suggestions of relevant customer service, several sets of plastic prototype models have been customized in the extension model. After a period of use, the situation is indeed much better. Miss Li was very satisfied and decided to continue to cooperate with Tuwei model in the future.

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