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Powerful prototype factory of soft glue

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-05- 18 11: 22

There are many soft glue prototype models, because the threshold for entry in this industry is relatively low, and many prototype model manufacturers are relatively small in size, basically two or three, three or four machines plus five or six, and seven or eight masters can support a small prototype processing workshop, so how can we find a professional prototype factory among these manufacturers of different sizes and sizes?

many customers will mainly choose the manufacturer to make the prototype according to the price, quality and delivery date of the prototype when looking for Shenzhen soft glue prototype factory, the quality and delivery period of the prototype is mainly based on the price. Generally, like small workshops with low prices, most of the prototypes made are defective in quality or delivery, therefore, when looking for a prototype manufacturer, the strength, privacy and service of the manufacturer are the first to consider.

just like the extension model is a very powerful soft glue prototype factory. The extension model has decades of experience in prototype processing and production, and has more than 50 high-precision processing equipment, accuracy up to ±0. 1mm, with more than one hundred outstanding prototype production teams, more than half of them are Masters with an average of more than seven years of prototype production experience. Such strength is also very prominent in many soft glue prototype factories, if you need the original model, the extension model is your good choice.

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