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Processing in Fuyong prototype factory, no need to worry about quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2018-10- 08 17: 08

Miss Chen placed orders in the extension model many times and never worried that the accuracy of the prototype model could not meet the requirements, on the one hand, the prototype processing equipment of the extension model is assured. On the other hand, the level of experience of the operator is assured. In Fuyong, there are few Fuyong prototype factories that can be machined with 5 axes and precipitated for 17 years. Many prototype factories are still in the initial stage, with only a few processing equipment, there are also fewer personnel.

Miss Chen of Guangzhou charged the extension model every time before placing an order the person in charge must do precision testing, take photos of the Test scene. Why do you care so much about accuracy? When Miss Chen used to customize the prototype model, she was not very concerned about the things on these data. She felt that she didn't have to care too much. I believe Fuyong prototype factory can do a good job in precision and wait until the actual test, many problems will be found, which seriously affects the development of new products.

later, miss Chen found the importance of the accuracy of the prototype model, so when doing the prototype, the QC of the extension model is strongly required to do the accuracy test, and it is done in 3 dimensions. After receiving the prototype model, Miss Chen actually tested it herself. What she did before did not meet the requirements, so she trusted Fuyong prototype factory--The extension model.

If you want to find a Fuyong that is at ease in terms of machining accuracy prototype factory, you may wish to look at the extension model, not only using the 5-axis machine for processing, but also testing in 3 dimensions. The error of the prototype model made is very small, which is quite helpful for the verification of new products.

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