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Processing prototype details of Shenzhen prototype factory--Each set of prototypes is carefully customized

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-11- 01 15: 19

In today's highly developed Internet, everyone is inseparable from the Internet and brings people a convenient and fast way of life and work. The distance between people is getting closer and closer. Even thousands of miles away, you can customize a high-precision prototype. Have you seen it in Shenzhen prototype processing factory? Have you seen the production details of the prototype? The following extension model introduces you to it.

there is too much difference between picture quotation and 3d drawing quotation, the general business is difficult to quote accurate prices through pictures. Only experienced project managers can quote accurate prices, while accurate prices can be quoted through 3d drawings; Secondly, in the production process, a perfect quality inspection process must be carried out, and one less inspection process will have more quality risks; There are also prices between the prototypes, although there is a difference, but it will not be very big. If the price of a prototype manufacturer is ridiculously low, there will definitely be problems in quality and after-sales.

Do you know? Each prototype of Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory has several processes, including programming, CNC machining, prototype polishing and fuel injection. If you are interested in the production details of the prototype, you are welcome to come to our company at any time for on-the-spot inspection. Only if you have seen it with your own eyes can you safely hand over the prototype to the prototype factory for processing.

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