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Prototype company with strong learning ability

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2015-11- 25 11: 47

The relationship between the prototype and the mold is very close. If your drawing is designed, the mold will be directly opened for mass production without testing, once something goes wrong, it will cause irreparable damage. Therefore, ordinary enterprises will make a small number of prototypes before opening the mold to test whether the design of the drawings is reasonable.

most of the time, we often encounter such customers, both prototype and mold opening. Although the company has a mold company, the production method and quotation method between the prototype and the mold are completely different. We can solve the prototype problem ourselves, however, in terms of molds, you need to consult your colleagues in the mold company frequently, which is very troublesome and is not professional at present.

in order to solve this situation, our prototype factory decided to ask the foundry of the mold company to give us relevant knowledge in training the mold, and how to quote the price of the mold, our prototype company's business and procurement have participated in this training. After three hours of listening, our understanding of the mold has greatly improved, and have a deeper understanding of the mold quotation.

' This society may eliminate highly educated people, but it will not eliminate those with strong learning ability' This is a sentence we often hear. Would you like to cooperate with a prototype company with strong learning ability?

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