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Prototype factory-17 focus on customization

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-12- Hello everyone, the sample models you see at many exhibitions look very beautiful. These are the appearance prototypes that the product company specially found such as the extension model, and handed over the carefully designed 3D drawings to the project manager for assistance in solving the appearance molding problem. After the initial service, most customers left a very good impression.

just like this month, a customer came to need to make a prototype of the robot. At the exhibition, I saw the old factory that tuowei focused on prototyping for 17 years. I really want to find cooperation in Tuowei. After negotiating with the project manager, the customer is very confused about why there is a little price than other appearance prototypes?

This is because the new five-axis processing machine is used in the extension dimension compared with other manufacturers. On the accuracy of the time, are much better than the small factory. There are also professional labor costs. Each manual master has more than 5 years of service. There are not so many professionals in the small factory to serve your appearance board. Help you get more orders by being well received during the exhibition.

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