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Prototype factory in Dongguan City-Cost-effective prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-01- 18 17: 03

Mr. Gong is the purchasing manager of a plastic electronics factory in Dongguan. He wants to find a prototype factory on the Internet to make a prototype, so he searches'Prototype factory in Dongguan City' I found the extension model and docked with him with the business Cao Gong. Mr. Chu said that they need to prototype the objects and many of them, but the CNC processing is too expensive and takes a long time; SLA printing material is too brittle. Is there any way to achieve the object effect and the price can be lowered.

Cao Gong, the business of Dongguan prototype factory, immediately thought of launching his company. new printing materials--Tough ABS. This material can achieve the toughness and front strength of ABS sheet, and is suitable for surface treatment. For example, fuel injection, silk screen or something. There will be no easy paint drop phenomenon of SLA, and the price is still very beautiful, only a little higher than the ordinary SLA price, accuracy is good, suitable for small parts processing. It is very suitable for complex and precision prototype verification structure. Mr. Yan is not very convinced. He has made a small order to determine whether the materials made by the extension can achieve this effect.

few days later, mr. Yan received the prototype sent by the extension model. After some tests, he found that it was the same as Cao Gong, the business of Dongguan prototype factory, in terms of toughness and strength, it is better than the generally printed sla prototype, and the price is more affordable. If you also want to make a prototype model with high cost performance, you might as well look at the extension model.

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