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Prototype factory in Guangzhou-Always adhere to high quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-05- 21 14: 40

The country is constantly strong and the society is developing at a high speed. People now have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, so now the products are constantly innovating. Behind the birth of this innovative product is the hard work of the designer's research team. But as the saying goesNo one is perfect'What's more, it's a product just developed. Therefore, many enterprises will find a Guangzhou prototype manufacturer before the products are put into the market.

What about looking for a Guangzhou prototype manufacturer? Be aware that every product is bound to go through the process of making a prototype. The prototype is to use the 3D drawings sent by the customer, and the programming department will import the information on the drawings into the computer that controls the CNC machining equipment, and then perform machine processing. The prototype model is made to verify the rationality of the product or take orders at the exhibition. Of course, different customers have different needs.

just as there was a Mr. Yang searching from the Internet a few months ago'Prototype production in Guangzhou' Found the extension model company, the word-of-mouth of the extension model is very good online. After the salesman of the extension model added the customer information, the customer sent the drawing request quotation. In the process of quotation, some loopholes were found in the drawings and the customer was told to make corresponding changes. But because the price given by the extension model is higher than that of the peers. However, after some hesitation and consideration, I hope to reduce the price.

since it is the first cooperation, duan Gong immediately applied to the superior for the price and agreed. But it was still a little higher than the peers, so I shared with the customer the events experienced by another customer. There is an enterprise that needs to make a prototype model to participate in large-scale foreign exhibitions, but the one who is responsible for looking for the prototype manufacturer chose a cheap Guangzhou prototype manufacturer for invitation. When the exhibition time is still a few days away, the quality of the prototype is quite poor, and the appearance effect is too bad to look directly at it. So the high-level was fired, so the boss took the initiative to find the extension model to cooperate.

Guangzhou prototype production plant is far more than any small factory, whether it is manpower, machinery and technology, the corresponding cost will definitely be higher. The customer suddenly realized that he chose to place an order immediately. And hope that long-term cooperation will come to the result of mutual win.

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