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Prototype manufacturer-Processing range of equipment up to 2 m

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2018-12- 07 14: 31

as each enterprise attaches importance to the prototype model, basically, after each product is developed, it will make a prototype to detect whether the product appearance and structure design are reasonable. Recently, many customers are looking for Shenzhen prototype manufacturers, can you do it without unpacking large products?

More and more exhibitions have been held recently, there are also more customers who make prototypes. Last week, a customer who made a large-scale prototype found the extension, because after reading the online information, he knew that the prototype manufacturer had large-scale processing equipment, moreover, there are many prototype exhibitors. The processing schedule of the processing equipment of the small factory is not particularly large, so when making some larger-sized products, it needs to be disassembled to make them. The customer chose to expand the dimension for the sake of insurance, like the extension model, there is a processing equipment with a processing stroke of 2 m, and there is no need to remove parts when processing large products.

not all products need to be disassembled because of the large size. made, there are also some products because the structure is more complicated. If the disassembly is made, the price will be lower than the complete production. Shenzhen tuowei model, a 17-year prototype manufacturer, 55 cnc equipment, 2 m processing stroke, precision five-axis machine, 160-person production team, 3-5 days shipping.

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