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Prototype Manufacturing-High pass rate

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-06- 17 08: 20

Hello everyone, every prototype manufacturing customer serving the extension model. There are different occupations in the company. There will be engineers or procurement personnel, and there will be bosses to negotiate in person. However, there is only one purpose of Tuowei, that is, to do a good job to ensure that the quality is not affected. Sent to the hands of customers to get appreciation is just that, but there are frequent reports of poor quality of small factories in the industry.

This has no great impact on regular manufacturers, and more customers will be among the original suppliers. To join the new partners, the quality must be improved. So the long-term development of a prototype manufacturing company depends on this.

have a full R & D budget and be familiar with the introduction of various materials required to understand various process techniques. All respond according to customer needs. If there is a drawing problem, it will correct it and reduce the cost of the customer. The small factory will not produce professional prototypes according to the customer's requirements, and the quality will not be qualified. I hope that the customers will seriously consider whether it is worthy of cooperation

In the past few decades, rapid aluminum prototyping production has increased because of the use of vacuum pressure.
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