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Prototype Manufacturing-Signing a non-disclosure agreement

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2019-05- 22 17: 23

In today's era of serious homogenization of products, the design of each customer needs to be kept confidential. In the middle of prototyping, it is especially important if your design flows into the hands of peers and causes customer churn. The consequences are incalculable. Consider the importance of this to find a regular manufacturer. If there is a problem with the supplier, the opportunity is responsible.

like many small manufacturers with rough service, they have not considered it so well for customers. All you think about is making a prototype without any other problems. Sending out the payment to the customer will not take into account the customer's privacy, and publish the completed prototype photos or design drawings at will.

regular manufacturer like the extension model will take the initiative to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the customer. If the violation is illegal, it will be responsible for the corresponding consequences. For the interests of customers are guaranteed, faster to establish a trust relationship. Over time, it has become a good friend to develop together for a long time.

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