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Prototype Model Making of plastic-Processing distance of 2 m

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-05- 09 11: 44

generally, in the process of developing new products, a prototype factory will be found after the product drawing design is completed, according to the product drawings, first make a prototype model to verify it. Some time ago, a customer contacted the extension model by phone and needed to make a plastic prototype model.

In the process of communicating with customers, they need to do a plastic prototype model to make a little large in length, up to 1. 9 M. I have also worked in several prototype factories before. I don't have large CNC machining equipment. I can't do such a large prototype, and the customer does not accept the disassembly method and needs the overall processing.

If you need to make a plastic prototype model, you can find a extension model, it has large CNC machining equipment with a processing distance of 2 m. It can be processed as a whole without removing parts and has more than 50 CNC machining equipment,

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