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Prototype Model Making of plastic-Professional reliable

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-05- 15 08: 08

because the plastic price is relatively cheap and has the characteristic of easy processing, many customers will choose plastic when processing customized prototypes. Shenzhen has so many plastic prototype manufacturers, and what kind of manufacturers to choose is more reliable. On this point, a professional prototype factory tells you that you need to choose a prototype factory with high processing accuracy and fast delivery.

most of the engineers in the plastic prototype factory will be selected without the customer processing methods, or if the processing method chosen by the customer is not so suitable, it will recommend a more suitable processing method according to the customer's needs. Just like some time ago, when Mr. Li found the extension model to make a prototype, originally, I wanted to do it in 3D printing, because it is cheaper and faster, and it is a better way to make plastic prototype models.

The Salesman of the relevant project has learned about what Mr. Li has to do. the prototype is after the need for higher accuracy and toughness, I recommended Mr. Li to do CNC machining better than 3D printing in both aspects. Mr. Li agreed to use this scheme after listening to the engineer's explanation. few days later, Mr. Li was very satisfied with receiving the completed prototype, and praised the tuowei model as a very worry-free and powerful plastic prototype model making factory.

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