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Prototype model of Shenzhen robot-Factory Direct Sales

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-01- 15 07: 49

Hello everyone, in the era of innovation in 2019, more and more robot prototype model customers have found tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd, need cooperation and technical help. Because customers need good quality prototypes, they need regular manufacturers with fast delivery.

like at the beginning of this year, an engineer of an intelligent robot contacted the extension model. It is hoped that a new five-axis machining machine can be used to manufacture some prototype models of robots and cooperate for a long time if they meet the standards. Hand over the whole set of robots to dimension. After hearing the news, the project manager confirmed the accuracy requirements to the customer. After the delivery date is understood, the customer will be informed that your product can be shipped in 4 days according to experience.

This is due to the number of contacts the staff have had with this type of robot prototype model for 17 years. The parts are perfect for practice, and the processing is very beautiful. The accuracy of the five-axis machine can also reach 0. 01mm. Please feel free to choose Tuowei.

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