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Prototype price-High cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2019-01- 02 16: 17

This year's 2018 passed quickly, and it ushered in 2019 after New Year's Day. Are the product development of our customers ready? I hope that our customers can cooperate with Tuowei model to better improve your products on the occasion of 2019, although the price of prototype production will be higher than that of small factories.

but the prototype that extension dimension assists you in making is cost-effective. The ordinary small factory uses a backward three-axis processing machine, but the difference is that the five-axis processing machine used by the extension is fast and accurate. At this point, there is a significant gap in the price of prototype production. There are also professional and technical talents, who have worked for more than five years. For your careful treatment, CTO on-site guidance employment in the United States brings you the appearance of the world exhibition level.

If you are still hesitating about this because of the prototype production price, you may miss 2019. Market Share, choose small factory cooperation delivery slow quality difference. The peers will take you step by step to get customers, and the extension model is much more expensive.

Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd., as well, confirms that consumers who want ethically produced goods do the work of looking for them.
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abs cnc machining create plastic mold is slower than professional model maker but has a number of special applications, such as for rapid prototyping equipment.
Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd. expects to reach the desired profits in the first year and does not anticipate serious cash flow problems.
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