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Prototype processing manufacturers-Urgent order 3 days shipment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-08- 10: 10

what prototype processing manufacturers are good manufacturers? Some people say that the price of the prototype model is high; Some people say: The price is low; There are also some people: the service is thoughtful. Mr. Li of Wuhan said: the prototype factory on time is good.

Mr. Li is a household appliance product, it is necessary to use the prototype model for a long time. Recently, it is also the peak season of production. Therefore, there are many new home appliance products to be tested, so a batch of prototypes is urgently lacking, mr. Li found a number of prototype processing manufacturers can not meet this urgent delivery. After that, we contacted the extension model according to the introduction of friends.

extension dimension model is a prototype processing with 18 years of work experience manufacturers, the factory has a total area of nearly 5000 square meters, 55 CNC processing equipment, more than 60 prototype masters with rich experience and an average of about 8 years, and the working group in the case of urgent workshop is ready at any time, therefore, some prototypes can be shipped in 3 days. If you have encountered the problems that Mr. Li has encountered at present, you might as well try the prototype factory that Mr. Li said was in time-- The extension model may have some unexpected gains!

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