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Prototype processing of coffee machine, safe packaging

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-08- 01 16: 59

Thingb is a company specializing in coffee machines. It was last March when I received this inquiry, at the beginning, the customer directly sent a bunch of STL formats without compression, no list, no post-processing instructions, and only said that the prototype was to be made. At that time, the reaction was that the customer was a little lazy. Of course, at the same time, I immediately grasped the customer's psychology, and then asked the customer's requirements step by step, and recommended the corresponding materials and sent some samples of the original color painting to the customer, so as to guide customers, customers were very happy at the time, saying that they were very grateful for the suggestions we gave and saying that our suggestions were very critical to them.

We later informed the customer of the disadvantage of using 3d printing as a prototype of the coffee machine. , he was advised to do it with CNC machining. The customer was informed and accepted. All of a sudden, the whole money came over. At the end of the day, our company's strength and business reassured him.

after the goods are ready, we are also very distressed, worried about damage during transportation, so we must be particularly careful when packing, so we have a special set of packaging methods and plans for reference to customers, later, I sent it to the customer. The customer felt very satisfied and felt that we were very careful. We always said thank you and praised words to us!

This has been done all the time, and the prototype of the coffee machine has been made in July this year, every time the quantity is the same, the structure is the same. Customers do not bargain, how much is reported directly, how much is placed. There is such a good thing, but also the efforts made in the early stage.

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