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Prototype proofing Company-Help you verify new products faster

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-12- 30 14: 56

The prototype model is the sample used by the enterprise to verify when developing new products, and whether there is any problem with the appearance, structure and size of the product, the idea of product designers can be truly displayed in front of their eyes, and a customer in Dongguan can search for'Prototype proofing company'The relevant links of the extension model were found.

learned in communication with customers, because the customer started to cooperate with the prototype proofing company, there are too few equipment, and then like to delay the delivery. Under the introduction of a friend, I knew that there were 55 cnc equipment in the extension model, and I contacted Ye Gong and sent the drawings to the mailbox. After the accurate evaluation of the us cto, I gave the customer a precise quotation, and promised to personally guide the fuel injection, the customer was very happy to place an order.

after a week, the customer received the goods and gave positive feedback on time. In finding so many prototype proofing companies, the extension model is more powerful, whether it is the quality of the prototype or the delivery date, the selection of the extension model made him very satisfied during the cooperation, and after receiving the prototype, the prototype was successfully verified with the new product, and the new product was developed in a short time.

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