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Rapid prototyping-Various processing methods

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-07- 22 18: 21

There are several ways to make prototypes now! They are CNC processing, rapid prototyping, film processing, low pressure perfusion, etc! However, there will be limitations in the processing types of small manufacturers in general! However, most customers still pay more attention to quality now! Only a small number of customers are still deceived by the rhetoric of small manufacturers!

Rapid prototyping is actually 3D printing! This way of processing is very fast! And the cost will not be too high, so the price will naturally be relatively low! But this is based on the case of processing small pieces of products! If you want to process products with a large area, the accumulated materials used will increase accordingly, and the price will be very high! The general small manufacturers will not have 3D printing processing!

if rapid prototyping is required, it will be better to find a regular manufacturer! There is a manufacturer named Tuowei model in Shenzhen. It is very good! Whether it is in the processing method, quality, technical personnel, or service is very top-notch! Customers who come to tuowei model for field visits are also very fond of the corporate culture of tuowei model! So the customers of the extension model are almost everywhere! It is even more praise for the extension model!

The extension model may not be a prototype Enterprise for the top stick, but it is a responsible and hard-working manufacturers of technology! If you need to prototype quickly, the extension model will be a good choice for you!

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