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Review: Da Vinci Junior 1.0 printer aimed at hobbyists, students

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
A pumpkin printed with little da Vinci. 0 3D printer.
Picture: supply.
Source: The supplier forgot to plug and play.
Even simple 3D printers can be used anytime, anywhere.
It is undeniable that the possibility of a 3D printer is cool.
Imagine something you can do --
It should be noted that you have to draw it in 3D file format.
For manufacturing, they are revolutionary, because small differences in product design can be tested in the process.
For schools, they allow students to go from idea to implementation.
For those who just want to do things, they are fun.
They can be excellent.
But they are not as easy as they are.
Leonardo da Vinci Junior 1.
0 for the education and amateur market, it is possible to print up to 150mm cubic feet of objects.
Black Vase with little Leonardo da Vinci. 0 3D printer.
Picture: supply.
Source: It\'s a bit cumbersome to provide the DaVinci junior up setup compared to installing a traditional printer, but assuming you take the time to read the manual, it\'s not daunting.
You need to push a plastic filament spool through the flow guide and screw it to the print head.
Resist the urge to remove the packaging tape from the print bed --
This needs to be there when you print.
This printer allows you to print a color at a time.
If you want an object of a different color, you need to first load it on a new filament axis.
The working principle of the 3D printer is to melt the filament and then drop it onto the print bed while scanning to build the object layer by layer.
The printer has a built-in honeycomb structure that saves filament and adds strength to the object.
The first step into the 3D printing world is simple.
Using the menu button in front of the printer, you can ask for the sample file on the SD card that comes with the printer and within 20 minutes it delivers a small heart to hang off the key ring.
The Jr da Vinci 3D printer is for students and amateurs.
It can be printed directly from the SD card and has a closed print area.
Picture: supply.
Things have become more complicated since then.
XYZprinting has a 3D model library on its website that contains everything from toys to technical gadgets that can be downloaded as STL files, standard 3D model files.
The STL file cannot be recognized when the printer is placed on the SD card, but opening the file in the proprietary software on the computer proves to be successful.
Our test case is an owl that you can use to wrap your headphones in order to avoid annoying cable winding and the end product is defective.
The top of the owl looks great and the other side looks like a messy place where the printer spreads the plastic in a random way.
Is there a problem with the file?
Possible, but given that this is the file on the printer manufacturer\'s website, this is their problem.
Is there a problem with the printing head calibration?
Possible, but the design of this printer does not require calibration, although there are different claims on various Internet forums.
Maybe I just need to clean the nozzle.
Or maybe it\'s because this printer doesn\'t have a heated print bed, unlike other 3D printers.
I can say for sure that trial and error are part of the process.
There is no doubt that when the print head builds the object from scratch, it is fascinating to watch the print head scan.
But if you want to delve into printing your own 3D models, just be prepared to meet some of the challenges when making your work.
Leonardo da Vinci Junior High School No. 1. 0 / 3.
5/5/$700/harveynorman. com.
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