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Robot prototype factory, processing process up to 2000

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-09- 05 16: 50

when the design drawings of the robot come out, it is necessary to find a prototype factory to make proofing, after the test is OK, the mold opening production can be carried out. However, if you want to do a good prototype, you need to know the manufacturer who makes the prototype first. Is there any strength-- Prototype productivity, shipping speed, and service attitude. If you are not familiar with the robot prototype industry, look at the robot prototype factory--Extension model.

If the robot prototype is made, generally, it is done by CNC machining. The advantage of this is that it is strong. In general, due to the limitation of strength, the processing schedule is not very large, and it is generally necessary to remove parts. The prototype processing equipment of the extension model has a stroke of 2000. When processing the robot prototype, the whole process can be processed, so the prototype is relatively firm. In addition, the CNC machining quality is stable, the machining accuracy is high, the repetition accuracy is high, and it is suitable for the machining requirements of the robot. Therefore, in general, the prototype factory of the robot is made by CNC machining.

If you need to find a prototype factory of a powerful robot, you may wish to look at the extension model. The equipment schedule can reach 2000. When making the robot prototype, the whole process can be processed without dismantling. It is a trustworthy prototype factory. If you have a prototype production requirement, please contact the online customer service of the extension model page.

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