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Rocket Lab Successfully Launches Electron, a 3D-Printed Rocket, From New Zealand

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
Rocket Lab in Silicon Valley
The funded space launch company launched its first flight of batteries on Thursday.
3D printing rocket from the remote Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand.
\"It got into space.
Rocket Labs said on its official Twitter account.
A low cost 3D-
The printing rocket is an important step in the commercial competition, which, while reducing the financial and logistical barriers to space, also makes New Zealand an unlikely space hub.
Los Angeles and New Zealand-
The US-based rocket company has promoted the service as a way for companies to regularly put satellites into orbit.
\"Our focus on electronics has always been to develop a reliable launch vehicle that can be manufactured in large quantities --
Our ultimate goal is to achieve space accessibility by providing an unprecedented frequency of launch opportunities, \"said Peter Baker, founder and CEO of Rocket Labs in a statement.
The company has been preparing for the test release for the last four years and received go-
The Federal Aviation Administration is monitoring the flight.
The bad weather delayed the rocket from taking off three times this week.
New Zealand has developed new rocket legislation and a space agency, which is expected to be a lowcost space hub.
Ships and planes need to be renewed
Every rocket fired limits the chances of a crowded American sky, but New Zealand, a South Pacific country with a population of 4 million, has only Antarctica in the South.
This country is also very good.
Positioned to send a satellite to the northto-
The South orbit around the poles.
However, many locals, mainly in the Maori community, are not satisfied with access to the blocked public areas.
\"People come to Mahia so they can go to the beach and are now cut off and according to the sound one of these rockets will be fired every 30 days, so they have taken over our lifestyle, said Pua Taumata, a mahia farmer.
But Taumata also said the plan could bring opportunities.
\"I do technology. . .
Many things can be achieved through education.
This makes our children different in their careers.
No one wants to enter the space industry (before now),\" he said.
Rocket experiments are specialized services for the development of small satellite launch vehicles for 30 companies and institutions to replace businesses competing for larger space launches or paying around $50 million.
In a statement, the company said it had received $0. 148 billion worth of funds worth more than $1 billion.
Rocket Labs customers include NASA, earth-
Planet and Moon Express\'s imaging companies Planet and startups.
The company will conduct two more tests before it starts commercial operations and is expected to start at the end of this year.
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