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tech predictions: looking ahead to 2014

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
\"I think there may be five computers in the world. ”—
Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943
\"There\'s no reason someone wants a computer at home. ”—
Ken Olsen, Digital Equipment Company (DEC)
The 1977 forecast has always been an unstable industry.
But this does not affect the weight of experts every year.
With this in mind, here\'s a compilation of top technology predictions for 2014: 2013 is the year of Google Glass, wearing your technology, the prospect of putting a micro computer in front of your eyes for $1,500 has only attracted early adopters in the tech world.
Many technical experts say that as wearable technology moves more mainstream, it will change in the coming year.
The global wearable technology market is expected to climb to $5.
It was $8 billion in 2018, up from $0. 75 billion in 2012.
Reconnaissance instruments in Vancouver, head-
Up display technology will launch new Scout jet sports glasses in the new year, a device with the following features
The board sensor tracks everything from the split of your car to your Facebook friends. Canadian start-
Thalmic Labs will launch its Myo product in 2014.
The black armband converts the pulse in the muscles into action on the screen.
Juniper Research predicts that the next year will be a \"watershed year\" for wearables \".
However, wearable computing is causing privacy issues.
Governments are lagging behind and will be under increasing pressure to develop legislative and regulatory frameworks for privacy and data protection in a world that we may always face frankly.
There is a 3D printer in each living room?
3D printing is looking for fans in a wide range
From consumers to manufacturers to medical researchers.
Vancouver has a group of active 3D printing enthusiasts who have demonstrated the technology at community events and have done a lot of work to uncover the mystery of the technology.
John Bil, founder of group 3D604 and co-
Author of \"soon\"to-
Publishing 3D print books, thinking that the average price of a good 3D printer is still around $1,000, we haven\'t reached the time when everyone has a 3D printer at home.
Printers are increasingly being used in manufacturing.
big Vancouver company called 4 AXYZ plans to use 3D printing to make furniture.
Vancouver\'s AXYZ smart city may not have led the trend in its digital strategy, but it is not lazy.
Fast Co, an online business magazine, reports
In 2013, the city fell to seventh in North America\'s brightest city rankings, down from fourth in the previous year.
However, Juniper Research ranks first among its top ten forecasts for 2014, a trend.
Lest we think the new year marks the end of the big Vancouver transportation system. and-
Transit Pass-
Compass Card
Taking Boston as an example, MIT students designed the sesame ring, a 3D ring that pays for public transport and approved by the Massachusetts Gulf Transportation Authority.
Sesame ring phone has a new meaning in medicine, and thanks to the remote conference technology adopted by Vancouver Medeo, you can already have doctors make virtual calls.
But technology is taking us to a point where we don\'t even have to see a doctor --
Our clothes can reflect our health.
Hexoskin is a smart shirt technology that uses multiple sensors to capture data from cardiovascular and lung systems.
MC10, the company that launched the sensor with Reebok-
Enable skullcap to measure the severity of head hit and also develop a one-time stamp
second skin like a temporary tattoo.
It measures heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs.
2014 of people will be using mobile fitness devices more and more
As consumers take more responsibility for their health, track and monitor fitness and health.
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