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The delivery of this Fuyong prototype factory is always so timely and powerful!

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2018-11- 12 17: 23

Mr. Yang placed multiple orders in the tuowei model, and generally did not have to worry about the delivery date, more importantly, from the beginning of cooperation, there are everything that Mr. Yang asked. Especially when the prototype was first started, it was still in 2016, when Mr. Yang searched'Fuyong prototype factory' To find the extension model, you need to make a prototype of the drone to participate in the exhibition, and the delivery period is very sense, and it needs to be completed within 3 days.

Fuyong prototype factory-- After receiving the drawings, the relevant business of the extension model began to be evaluated and found that if it worked a little hard, it could still be shipped within the specified time, so I made a quotation and sent it. Since Mr. Yang attached great importance to the delivery period, he did not care so much about the price, so he signed a contract.

could have been completed according to the expected progress, however, due to a power outage one day in the middle, the extension model specially handled the matter and expedited production, and the office staff will take the initiative to go to the production department for polishing after work, and finally completed it within the specified time, and the driver drove to Mr. Yang's company at 11: 00 late at night. At the moment of receiving the prototype, Mr. Yang said excitedly that the tuowei model is really a reassuring Fuyong prototype factory.

later, mr. Yang took advantage of the drone prototype on time for the exhibition and achieved good results. If you need to find a Fuyong prototype factory with timely delivery, look at the extension model!

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