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The effect of industrial prototype model on product design

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
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In fact, many workers have children's shoes that have graduated from major, and they should be no stranger to the word model, in the industrial design process, there is a model production ring, and there is experience in making mud molds when learning in school. There should be an answer for why to make models.

Industrial Model: Commonly known as prototype, first board model and rapid prototyping, the main production methods include CNC machining, laser rapid molding and small batch production of silicone mold.

prototype model production is actually to verify whether the design feasibility can reach the ideal state, what are the hidden drawbacks in the design process, whether it is the disadvantages of modeling or structural design, need to make a prototype model to verify.

Industrial models are widely used in the R & D phase of industrial new product design, process and design the same physical model in a short time. Designers carry out product confirmation and functional testing, so as to improve the design plan, reduce the development cost, shorten the development cycle, and quickly obtain design recognition.

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