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the future is already here thanks to 3d printing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
3D printing is much more than simple plastic or home printing --
Building guns, Bendigo business Keech 3D is at the forefront.
Due to exaggerated stories about the family, 3D printing has become the headline news
Make guns, but there\'s more technology than technology --it-
Your own tools.
\"The medical field has done something incredible, such as printing organs from human tissues.
There is no rejection problem at all.
This is very close to my heart because my son received a double lung transplant ten years ago and took 50 pills a day. rejection.
You can imagine how good 3D printing will make his life, \"said Doug Baird, business manager at Keech 3D.
About three years ago, Bendigo developed from traditional engineering and manufacturing to cutting-edge 3D printing or additive manufacturing to gain more technical titles.
This is not an easy transition.
Parent company Keech Australia has been working with steel since 1934.
Investing in an expensive and unproven market requires a leap of confidence that could erode their core business.
But gambling has paid off.
Since then, they have become major players in Australia and are now exporting products to different industries such as mining, energy, consumables and defense.
Even better, they have managed to upgrade some of the foundry\'s staff to the 3D printing business.
Display shelves full of their printed works;
Miniature bikes with moving parts, scale models for military vehicles, models for AFL players and complex puzzles.
This proves that everyone has different ideas about what they can do.
Even the international space station now has a 3D printer.
\"Just today, I have a company from New Zealand that produces aircraft parts and sends us CAD models, and I have a film studio that asks for the production of aliens.
New applications appear every day.
\"A quick visit to their workshops and various machines shows how disruptive the technology is already.
Suddenly, the only possible limitation is imagination, a challenge that designers are open.
\"There is a paradigm shift.
This is the designer\'s long-standing bondage to them.
\"Now, designers don\'t have to think about how to make something, and they don\'t have to compromise the design to make it,\" Doug said . \".
While it looks amazing, it\'s not actually as new as it looks
The machine has existed in the middle of 80 years, but the price, patent and computer processing power have hindered its development.
Once the patent expires, a big open
With more powerful hardware and more accessible computer-aided design software, the source community came into being.
While we don\'t really link plastics to eco-friendly products, the process of additive manufacturing produces much less waste than subtraction manufacturing.
Imagine, compared to starting with a solid block and then stripping away what is not needed, just make something using the required elements.
Most of the materials used in the resin can also be recycled.
Although Doug is already working in this area, he is excited about the future.
\"If you were to predict where it might be in the next 30 years, it would be very incredible.
You can do thousands of good things with 3D printing.
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