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The precision of Changsha precision prototype company can reach ± 0. 01

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2018-08- Hello everyone, we are a precision prototype company located in Shenzhen. We have been working in the prototype industry for 17 years. Won the praise of new and old customers, won the ISO9001 quality system certification. Also invited CCTV column interview won numerous praise. Recently, a customer in Changsha found a prototype model that our company needs to make.

we received this new customer with great enthusiasm. And sent a brief video of our company. Provide reference to customers. And asked what the precision of our precision prototype company is. After confirming the 3D drawings, our professional project manager. Yes, it can be achieved. 0. 01.

The customer agreed to work with us to start processing production quickly and report the processing progress to the customer in real time. It will be tested and processed by our professional three-dimensional imported equipment. Packed manually by our salesman. It was sent to the customer company by SF commissioner. He was very satisfied and said. We are really a precision prototype company with high service attitude.

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