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The rapid prototyping technology of silicone rubber mold and the copying of parts should pay attention to six major problems

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2014-07- 10 11: 48

six major problems should be paid attention to in the rapid prototyping technology of silicone rubber mold and parts replication (1) The correct selection of silicone rubber model frame size is small, which can save silicone rubber and reduce the cost of mold making, but it is not conducive to silicone rubber pouring; The size is large, which not only wastes silicone rubber but also reduces the flexibility of silicone rubber mold, which increases the difficulty of removing products from silicone rubber mold. In order to make the silicone rubber mold size moderate, the four walls of the frame and the bottom surface are required to be about 20mm from the edge of the RP model. The height of the side baffle is the RP model height plus 90mm. (2) The correct selection of parting surface usually selects the surface with the largest projection area. This is conducive to cavity exhaust and filling. Since the silicone rubber material has high elasticity, some forced operations can be carried out when opening the mold. For some special structures on the part, such as small bumps on the side, it can not be considered when selecting the parting surface. In addition, for closed through holes or non-closed openings in the prototype, it is easy to separate the 2 semi-molds when cutting. The place should be sealed with transparent tape. For example, when the silicone mold of the Guide cover is manufactured, the tape is used to seal the middle hole on the inner surface of the sample. And put some small holes in the tape to strengthen the exhaust effect. (3) Ensure that the material is mixed evenly when the curing agent is mixed with silica gel. Because of the strong reaction. The mixed liquid produces a large number of bubbles and the volume keeps increasing. At this time, the air intake should be immediately introduced to the vacuum chamber to reduce the bubbles and repeat the process continuously. To ensure that the curing agent is evenly mixed with silica gel. (4) Correctly control the mold opening knife walking route when cutting the mold with a knife, the walking route of the knife is that the knife tip goes straight and the knife tail walks the curve, making the mold parting surface shape of the silicone mold irregular, in order to ensure the accuracy of the positioning of the upper and lower molds, and avoid errors caused by the dislocation of the mold. The shape of the silicone mold parting surface is shown in figure 5. (5) Reasonable selection and correct opening of the exhaust channel the correct opening of the exhaust channel on the silicone mold plays a great role in ensuring product quality. The exhaust position should be selected at the highest point of the mold cavity and ensure smooth passage, avoid the exhaust passage being blocked by silica gel to prevent the product from forming or having air hole defects. Because the elasticity of silicone is very good. Use the air needle to tie the exhaust hole. After pulling out the air needle, the airway will become smaller due to contraction. When the product is copied, the fine hole plastic pipe can be inserted at the exhaust hole. Expand the vent to avoid silicone blockage. (6) Reasonable control of resin curing time after resin is poured in, put it into the oven for curing, and the temperature is controlled at 68 ~ At 70 ℃, the curing time is about 2 H. The curing time cannot be too long, otherwise the resin mixture will cause bubbles due to the reaction transition in the cavity, resulting in product deformation; If the curing time is too short, the product will expand, causing deformation of the product.

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