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The spiritual guru who is pushing innovation

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
When it began dumping at Amritapuri, Mata Amritanandamayi\'s dojo in Kollam, Kerala, hundreds of people gathered in an open hall.
Most of them are foreigners, wearing white clothes and rudraksha malas and bracelets.
Amritanandamayi didn\'t care about the rain. she wore white Sally through the puddle and the meditation began.
The only one without a cross
Armed men in uniform next to the doorway are legs, their \"spine upright, eyes closed\" and two men in hunting suits sit next to the seat of Amritanandamayi
It has been about two months since Amritanandamayi\'s dojo saw \"z\" VIP security measures, and she has returned from her annual international tour.
Hawks, these people are trying to observe all the 3,000 farm residents who regularly eat salmon --
Colorful architecture here.
Today is one of their better days: on an ordinary \"Darshan\" day, thousands of people lined up for hours with Amritanandamayi, who turned 64 on September 27.
The most outstanding of modern India-
Age masters such as Jaggi Vasudev (saguru), Self, etc.
Announcing that peace ambassador Ravi Shankar (Sri Lanka) and Johor Ramdev (Baba) attracted the crowd with their words and the glorious potential of yoga;
Amritanandamayi hugged them directly during the 22-hour conference.
It is these hugs that have earned Amritanandamayi the title of \"amma\" and \"embrace holy.
These hugs attracted the enthusiasm of millions of people around the world and helped her build more
Schools, universities and hospitals across India.
She reportedly embraced more than 36 million people.
Amritanandamayi\'s first disciple, Amritaswarupananda Puri, often translated for her.
When he was a student, he met her;
Today, he
The colored robe marked him as the west of Sanya.
He leads to her place, only a few metres from where she was born, and she was born in Damati and Sugunanandan Idamannel.
Her father may have some cattle and several ships when trading (basking shrimp), but their families are still low on India\'s notorious rank.
In her little living room, there is no picture of her passing by with the people of the world, like the United Nations and the Vatican Pope Francis, or the work done, through her charity (Ali Da Nam damayi math and Mata Ali Da Nam damayi Mission Trust ).
The story of how she became \"amma\" has been told many times, but she tells it as if she had never been told before.
\"When I collect feed from door to door for cattle owned by my family, I am seven or eight years old.
This is the first time I have seen the cruel reality of pain and life.
\"Many people are starving and the elderly are not taking care of them,\" recalls Amritanandamayi . \".
\"I just can\'t stand it.
I want to throw myself into the fire.
One voice told her that karma is why some people suffer and others suffer.
\"But if someone is running and this person falls into a ditch, is our Dharma saying that the karma of another person leads to their fall? My Dharma is for people, she said.
\"I even started stealing from people who ate enough,\" she said . \" She thought of the time when she stole rice, cooked rice, and uncooked rice.
Between a burst of laughter, she said that when his daughter had to drop out early, her father was not very happy and began to take the children and the old man home to take a shower or have a hot meal.
Soon, people began to come to her by themselves.
\"It\'s a daily life.
I lost all my sense of division;
A woman and a man became the same to me, \"she said, using how she did not hesitate to comfort the other arm in a metaphor when one arm was injured.
Statues such as Krishna, Ganesha, the portrait of Jesus and the light festival lights all appear in her room.
Although empathetic, Amritanandamayi has been fighting.
She grew up in a society that was not heard or seen in public places.
But Amritanandamayi often wears his brother\'s clothes and occasionally slips out to meditate on the beach.
Some of her extended family felt that her actions had brought shame to her, and when she refused the prospect of marriage, her life had even tried twice.
APJ Abdul Kalam donated a 10-month presidential salary to Amritanandamayi\'s charity in 2003, a recognition of her work, although she continues to be criticized by Guru, a political power.
A book written by the former ashram made up for the bulk.
To the dismay of her followers, she raised the topic herself and laughed heartily at the allegations.
\"When I first went to the United States in 1986, people said I was married to a foreigner.
When I came back after the tour they said I came back because I was HIV positive.
That\'s how rumors work, she said, adding that she \"still loves them \".
Maneesha V Ramesh, head of wireless networks and applications at the University of Amrita, believes that Amritanandamayi always keeps in touch with people\'s problems.
When her team received funding to study the early landslides --
Testing technology, she remembers, \"Amma told us to return the grant if our research can\'t really help people . \".
Soon the technology was successfully tested in monnal and then taken to sikin and Utarakhand.
Low-cost subcutaneous insulin delivery is another clever finding that is expected to come out of Amrita University soon.
India is doing a lot of research, Ramesh believes, but \"it is the leadership that makes everything different \".
On 2010, a fishing boat in the Arabian Sea collided with a ship.
Several people were killed and some were never found.
\"Amma called me and asked me how I felt about it.
I said I was sad.
\"Then she asked me if it was it,\" Ramesh recalled . \".
The incident prompted the University of Amrita to develop \"Amrita OceanNet\" to communicate and track fishing boats in real time at 60 km nautical miles. This is a god-
Sent out to fishermen for several consecutive days.
\"Amma has an intuitive grasp of the challenge of turning theory into application.
Without awareness, knowledge does not mean anything, and Amma is established in consciousness, \"said Shantikumar V Nair, head of nanoscience and Molecular Medicine, Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi Amrita.
Nair recalled the time when they discussed the medical implant with Amritanandamayi.
\"She said the \'sukshma \'material is far superior to the metal implant,\" he said . \".
\"Sukshma\" is roughly translated into \"subtle\" or \"nano \".
\"I realized she was talking about nano-materials,\" Nair said . \".
Today, the hospital has developed nano-protein drugs.
Anti-leukemia and Nano
A structured wafer that prevents recurrence of brain tumors.
Vishal Rao US, a surgical oncologist at Bengaluru HCG Cancer Center, said these developments are exciting and the team\'s efforts should be commended.
\"The beauty of Nano
Technology is the power of it to condense a molecule and bring it to places traditionally inaccessible.
We can\'t wait for the West to solve the problem. India can lead the world to a breakthrough through such research . \"
After making progress in 3D organs
Printing, researchers at Amrita have developed their own 3D printer to test blood printingvessels.
Soon, Amritanandamayi will be on the road in what she affectionately calls a camper (because of how she was thrown into the car ).
Bathed in the comfortable scent of the talcum Stone used by her mother and grandmother, her embrace was filled with comfort.
When she attracts people to be part of something \"greater than you\", it\'s the way Amritanandamayi changes the world, one hug at a time.
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