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The survival of subversive prototype companies

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2014-07- 10 08:30

The way to subvert the survival of prototype model companies

our usual understanding of prototype model companies is the repetition of simple work, no matter what, the customer provides drawings and required processes for the prototype model company. The prototype model company is based on the gourd painting. In the eyes of many people, there is no technical content in the prototype model process. However, Shenzhen tuowei prototype model company is changing the way to survive in this industry with an innovative working attitude.

The design of the prototype model is the key to technological innovation. Shenzhen tuowei prototype model Technology Co. , Ltd. combines the traditional design concept with today's science and technology, through extensive market research, new solutions are created to meet the different needs of people.

followed by technological innovation. Prototype Model technology is divided into two forms: manual production and numerical control production. While tuowei has a large number of skilled and high-level designers, it also encourages innovation through different reward policies. In the numerical control prototype production, the extension model has introduced the precision large-scale equipment from abroad, and has always been synchronized with the International, leading the industry with technology.

management innovation is a guarantee for an enterprise to maintain lasting vitality and develop continuously. Shenzhen extension model adopts' On the superior, let the flat, under the mediocre' The way of competition, pay attention to humanistic care, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees with humanized management, and improve the work ability of employees with regular technical training.

In addition, Shenzhen tuowei prototype model company is also making reasonable innovations in details such as workflow and working mechanism. Top leaders of Tuwei model have said that only continuous innovation is the foundation of enterprise development, in order to gain a place in the constantly competitive market. The manager of the human resources department said that for breakthrough innovation, the company will give a cash reward of up to 50 thousand yuan. This incentive allows the extension model to go further and further on the road to innovation.

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