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this startup wants to create a 3d-printed heart

by:Tuowei     2019-08-28
We see that 3D printers can make toys, sneakers, and even artificial limbs.
A startup hopes to create a powerful 3D-
Indian people.
BioLife4D is working on this: a printing process that can reconstruct the beating human heart using the patient\'s own cells.
Steven Morris, founding partner and CEO of BioLife4D, believes this is a solution for patients seeking a heart transplant, a technology that has the potential to transfer to other organs, including the kidneys or pancreas.
\"We are actually on the cliff side of human history, and all these things are possible in the end,\" Morris said in an interview . \".
The \"bioprinting\" process of the human heart begins with an MRI scan of the patient\'s heart and blood sample.
Cells in the blood are then converted into heart cells and entered into the printer.
Using MRI measurements and printers designed to protect heart cells, the heart prints one layer at a time.
Once completed, the heart is placed in a biological reactor that simulates the condition in the human body until the heart starts beating.
Morris says statistics on heart disease have sparked the company\'s efforts to start with the heart.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 death per 4 people in the United States. S.
Heart disease is associated every year.
This is also the main cause of death for men and women.
\"First of all, we will really focus on the heart,\" Morris said . \".
\"The main reason is that the scope and scale are incredible.
\"In 2016, more than 3,000 heart transplants were performed in the United States. S. , said the U. S.
Department of Health and Human Services.
Morris said that the ability to print organs will address two issues of lack of donors and reduce the chances of patients rejecting organs because they are created with their own cells.
\"We are using the patient\'s own cells and converting them into the special cell types we need,\" Morris said . \".
Biological printing is a process in which the patient\'s cells are used to \"print\" three
To maintain living tissue or bones.
Last year, researchers at the University of Carlos III in Madrid showed a prototype of a 3D biographer that can create functional human skin.
As far as organs are concerned, surgeons can 3D print copies before surgery to help them, such as what happened at Toronto Children\'s hospital when doctors made six 3D copiesmonth-
According to CTV News, elderly children should practice before heart surgery.
The medical world is far from the 3D point.
Printed organs will be used during transplant.
BioLife4D wants to print a miniature heart in a year, but Morris warns that unforeseen obstacles may arise when they try to create lifesized version.
\"We\'re just not sure because of what we don\'t know,\" he said . \".
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