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Three advantages of SLS prototype model laser sintering technology in rapid prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2014-07- 10 12: 01

SLS prototype model laser sintering technology has three advantages in the selective sintering of powder materials in rapid prototyping ( SLS prototype model: Selective Laser Sintering of Selectedaserintering) The working principle of this rapid forming machine is similar to SLA, but the molding material used is not a liquid photosensitive resin, but a mixture of powdered polymer materials, metal or ceramics and adhesives, etc. The diameter of the powder is 50- 125 kWh, first lay a layer of powder material on the workbench when forming, and heat it to a slightly lower melting temperature, then the laser beam scans according to the shape of the section, and the scanned part of the material melts, bonds and forms, the unscanned powder material is still powdered as the support of the workpiece. After the first layer is completed, the Workbench drops by a high layer, and then the next layer is paved and sintering. The advantages are :(1) Plastic, ceramic or metal parts can be obtained directly, and the processing is good; (2)No design support required. The disadvantages are :(1) The structure of the molded parts is loose and porous, and the surface roughness is high; (2)Low molding efficiency; (3) The plastic, ceramic or metal parts obtained are far less than the similar materials obtained by the traditional molding method. It is necessary to carry out post-treatment such as copper penetration, but it is difficult to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the parts in post-treatment.

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