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Three basic process flow of SLA prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2012-10- 24 23: 19

The process of the three basic process flow SLA prototype models of the SLA prototype model: the production of SLA light curing molding can generally be divided into three stages: pre-processing, prototype production and post-processing. (1) The pre-processing stage of SLA pre-processing stage is mainly to convert the CAD model of the prototype, determine the placement orientation, apply support and slice layering, which is actually to prepare data for the production of the prototype. (2) The light curing molding process in the SLA prototype production phase is carried out on a dedicated light curing rapid prototyping equipment system. Before the early prototype is made, the light curing rapid prototyping equipment system needs to be started in advance, so that the temperature of the resin material reaches the preset reasonable temperature, and the laser also needs a certain stable time after ignition. (3) SLA post-processing phase 1. Clean the model and remove the excess liquid resin. 2. Remove and trim the support of the prototype. 3. Remove the steps formed by hardening layer by layer. 4, 4, after curing treatment.

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