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Tianjin University of Science and Technology and Hunan Institute of Technology

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-11- 19 15: 46

just recently, it is a great honor to welcome students from Tianjin University of Science and Technology and Hunan Institute of Technology. Visit and study in the factory. These students are all 4 students who are about to graduate. Hope to be able to participate in our 17-year prototype manufacturers to provide more help on the road ahead. We are also honored to agree with the request of the school.

This made them very happy and took the bus with the teacher early in the morning. Go to our company, although the road is tired. After coming to our company, we started a visit with great interest and learned that the molding problem of the design products was processed through CNC machine tools. Then made by manual processing. This gives them a better idea of what type of material they are designed to make. Greatly improve their horizons.

see that our company has 55 CNC machining equipment, as well as our high-precision five-axis machining equipment. It has aroused their interest. Through the salesman's explanation, the five-axis machine is a complex structure that can be processed by multiple three-axis machines. It can be formed faster and better. This is what the small factory does not have.

then also entered our manual department to see, number of skilled manual masters. After post-processing, remove the front. Polish and remove the knife marks. Only then can we know that these prototypes are made with bright and shiny surfaces. In fact, these are the results carefully produced by the manual master. The prototype made with heart will have this. The effect makes the customer feel good.

continue to see our fuel injection House, our technology is a new process introduced through CTO in the United States. Compared with the painting technology of small factories in the industry, it is much higher. Students understand that the LOGO produced by these products is completed through the silk screen printing process, and they are more familiar with the surface treatment problems of the products designed in the future.

see the staff of our QC room again, using the three-dimensional precision measurement equipment. Give the customer's prototype precision measurement to ensure that it meets the standard and then pack and ship. And provide three dimensional precision measurement to prove that this is a precision instrument that many small factories do not have. We offer this service to our customers for free.

after the general process of the tour, the students entered with satisfaction. In our meeting room, our CEO personally shared his experiences with the students. And the us cto came to the stage to exchange design plans with everyone. This makes the arrival of everyone full of goods. I feel that I have benefited a lot from this visit to our tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd.

understands the direction of your future path and is no longer confused about it. At the same time, I also thank the school for giving such trust and affirmation to our company, so that their students can come to the scene to visit. I believe that this will leave a deep impression on the students, one of the students said that the design prototype will be preferred for us in the future. If you want to know more and welcome customers to visit and exchange, you will be accompanied by a special salesman.

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