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To prototype a robot, you need to select a large prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2017-09- 05 17: 38

before developing a new voice robot, it is always necessary to make some prototypes to detect whether its structure is reasonable or not, otherwise, if the mold is opened rashly, it will cause a lot of unnecessary losses. At present, there are still many manufacturers who can make prototypes, but if they do robot prototypes, they still need to choose a large prototype factory. I often hear such a thing: in order to save the cost of a small prototype, a boss found a small prototype factory to make a prototype at a low price, and the prototype quality was very poor. This shows how important it is to choose a large prototype factory to make a robot prototype!

The extension model has 55 large CNC machining centers, there are more than 160 employees, and the company also has business department, network department, programming department, CNC department, fuel injection department, manual department, quality department and other departments, we provide our special VIP service treatment for our customers! ! Among the 55 large CNC machining centers, one processing stroke can reach 2000, which can greatly increase the firmness of the prototype.

The prototype of this language robot in the following figure, with a height of 1600, customers have found many prototype factories before finding the extension model. Since the processing schedule of those prototype factories is about 800mm, it is time-consuming to disassemble the gongs many times during processing. However, the CNC machining stroke of the extension model is relatively large, and it does not need to be disassembled so many times. This is faster and firm, so the customer has chosen the extension model.

to sum up, it is necessary to select a large prototype manufacturer when making a robot prototype, the quality of the prototype is guaranteed.

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