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Vehicle Transmission prototype--The accuracy is 0. 01mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-02- 28 11: 57

to make a prototype of the car transmission, the general customer is the first new product developed. Prototype model is a key link in the stage of enterprise R & D products. In the process of developing new products, enterprises need to make a prototype to verify it. The purpose of making a prototype is to check whether the drawings of the products are reasonable and whether there is no shortage of design.

some time ago, there was a Mr. Duan who was a member of the automobile industry. the customer service called, he said that he had a number of car transmission prototypes to do, but he could not find a business cooperation that would suit his heart. One day, he saw a lot of people on the Internet saying that tuowei model company is very good, with hundreds of teams, with a precision of up to 0. 01. After a few days of careful thinking, he called customer service. So after leaving his contact information, he came to the tuowei model a few days later.

The salesman Huang Gong received the gentleman. After detailed exchanges with each other, it was learned that Mr. Duan had worked with other companies to have a prototype factory for automobile transmission, but the prototype factory did not do as well as before, the prototype made is flawed, the accuracy is not high, and the effect he wants cannot be achieved. And the automobile transmission is aluminum alloy material, which is difficult to process. So Mr. Duan did not cooperate with them again. Next, Mr. Duan proposed to visit the workshop, so Huang Gong took Mr. Duan to the workshop. After Mr. Duan introduced the processing process, Mr. Duan was very satisfied. So I made the order and paid the pre-payment. detailed drawing was sent.

after a long discussion between Huang Gong and the engineer, the employees started to operate. After a few days of fighting, the prototype of the car transmission was completed. Huang Gong took a photo and sent it to Mr. Duan. Mr. Duan was still not at ease, so he came to Tuowei to see the product with his own eyes. After seeing the product, Mr. Duan was very happy and praised the employees of Taowei.

can help customers solve a difficult problem and is the source of happiness for each employee of tuowei. If you have encountered similar problems like the prototype of the car transmission during this time, you want to find a reliable enterprise cooperation, you can come to the extension model, will tailor the right solution for you!

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