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Xiamen prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-01- 10 15: 56

after the drawings of each enterprise are made, prototype proofing is required, in front of him, Mr. Ye from Xiamen searched the Xiamen prototype factory to find the extension model. He needed to customize a batch of stainless steel prototypes, in the simple communication with Mr. Ye, the information such as the name of the telephone company was transferred to the business manager to follow up.

Huang Gong, business manager, learned in his communication with Mr. Ye that, this batch of prototypes is more urgent, because the quality did not meet the requirements when other Xiamen prototype factories were made. I found the extension model with 17 years of prototype production experience and 55 processing equipment on the Internet. And sent the drawings to Huang Gong. Under the evaluation of the engineer and the us cto, a suitable processing plan and quotation were given. The customer thought it was very good, and the schedule was very reasonable, and the order was placed.

few days after the customer received the prototype sent by the extension model, very satisfied with the good quality and no delay in time. If you need to find the extension model of Xiamen prototype factory, 55 cnc machines and precision five-axis machines are a good choice, 24 hours processing, fast shipping.

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