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22 Alternative Endings of Famous Movies

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

In the film industry, it is common to create more than one ending.

Whether the final clip is the result of a director changing his mind, suggesting studio adjustments, or testing unsuccessful screenings, today we will look at the 21 alternative endings of famous films that have never been released. #21.

Beautiful woman Photo: Steyn, a beloved film, was originally a dark story about Hollywood sex workers. Edward (Richard Gere)

I was going to play Vivian. Julia Roberts)

Send her back to work on the street and get out of his car.

When Disney got the prototype, it decided to turn it into a romantic comedy with a happy ending. #20.

Coming out: Another ending of 'coming out' provided by VoxIn, the protagonist was arrested by white police, he did not remember what happened at his girlfriend's house, there was no evidence that he was murdered, so he went to prison.

The ending was so dark that the final clip was not made.

Take a look at the next slide and see what happens to one of the most famous theater films. #19.

Deadly attractive photos: Provided by GlamourIn

At the end of the plan, Alex committed suicide with a kitchen knife, which had Dan's fingerprints on it and looked like he had murdered her, so Dan was sent to prison.

Because the audience wanted a more venting ending, the ending changed.

Next, a famous Ben Stiller comedy is about to be staged. #18.

dvd released by player RadarThe Dodgeball shows that the movie would not have had a happy ending.

To reverse the clich茅 of the loser's victory, the team will lose.

Our next list is a cult horror movie. #17.

Nightmare photo on Elm Street: Microsoft Nightmare on Elm Street should be a boothalone film.

Nancy is going to beat Freddy Kruger and realize that it's all a dream to go back to her normal life.

But the studio saw the potential for the film to become a franchise and thus gave it an open ending. #16.

PinkPhoto is beautiful: Anty's eccentric BFF Duckie should win her heart and take her to the dance due to the biography of the early clip.

But the test audience preferred Andrew McCarthy, who played Brian instead of Jon Cleyer who played Duckie, so Brian ended up getting the girl.

Take a look at the next slide and see what alternative endings are in the famous zombie thriller. #15.

28 DaysPhoto: There are three different endings on the DVD.

Jim, one of the leading characters, was infected and killed.

It was the director's favorite ending, but the test audience didn't like it, so the film ended with a happier ending.

Next is the alternative ending of a superhero movie. #14.

Scott pilgrims

World photography: provided by the New York Times, the director initially intended to get Scott Pilgreen to finally gain the love interest of a minor named Dao Chau, not his main love interest --

The test audience was not happy, especially since the original graphic novels ended with Scott and Ramona, so the ending changed.

sequel to one of the most famous action films of all time is about to be released. #13.

Revenge Photo: Provided by ColliderIn in another finale of the death hard sequel, villain Simon Gruber actually escaped after they had a big fight.

Later, MacLean tracked him like The Last Face. to-

In the face of his encounter, kill him with a rocket launcher.

Our next list is a popular Disney movie. #12.

Lilo & StitchPhoto: The climax of the film took place in an escape from a densely populated city, where Stitch directed a plane and destroyed the buildings in order to save Lilo.

The film was in production when the 9/11 terrorist incident happened, so Disney changed it.

Slide to the next page to see what happens in a famous stoner comedy. #11.

Pineapple Express: E!

On the Internet, the DVD release includes an alternative that is more likely to be a fake ending, in which the main character is shot dead by the police and finally died hand in hand.

The last point of brotherhood is that this scene could be the biggest clue to the fake. #10.

Star ship TroopersPhoto: Provided by VergeThe sci-

The Fi irony should end with Carmen breaking up with Johnny and hooking up with her boss Zander.

The film got really bad reviews from the test audience, so the director decided to narrow down from a romantic point of view and cut a Carmen

After the death of barcaro, Johnny kissed at the end.

One was shocked to find another ending at Rambo. #9.

Rambo: First photo of blood: Provided by Slash FilmsRambo, based on 1972 novels by David Morrell, in which Rambo and Sheriff Will 路

However, the director, Ted Kotcheff, decided to adapt an ending to the film, and both sheriff and Stallone left alive, resulting in four sequels. #8.

Hororsphoto's small shop: provided by the Slash FilmsThe film, which is based on a musical, will stick to the original story and let both protagonists die.

The two independent test audiences hated the ending so much that when a film had to have at least 13% to be released, the film was recommended by 55%. #7.

Hancock Photo: Provided by EWDuring at the script stage, Hancock is worse than the final version.

The original character was a suicide alcoholic, murdered the police, raped a mysterious person and tried to end it all by suicide. #6.

ClerksPhoto: According to Rolling Stone, the film almost ends in tragedy, with Dante, played by Brian ohaloran, shot and killed in a convenience store robbery.

O'Halloran hates it and convinces director Kevin Smith to change it. #5.

Sunset Boulevard Photo: like other movies on the list, there is an alternative start to Sunset Boulevard.

In the initial screening, the audience laughed so hard at first that the director had to leave the room.

Later, the audience began to leave, and a woman said to the director, 'I have never seen such a bunch of sh * t in my life.

This prompted him to change it.

very famous drama adapted from Stephen King's novel is the next one on our list. #4.

The film 'Shawshank Redemption' is produced by the American Film Company and the film ends in red. Morgan Freeman)

Was released on parole after 40 years but did not show his reunion with Andy (Tim Robbins)

The man who escaped earlier

The audience didn't like it, so the ending changed and the two characters reunited.

The next Disney classic alternative ending will be great! #3.

Pictures of Jungle Books: Provided by Jungle Books. wikia.

Disney's classic ending is when Mogley leaves the jungle and joins a village to adapt to human life.

However, the film will initially end with moggli returning to the wolves and living in animals.

Click on the next slide to see how Martin Scorsese's film ended in a different way. #2.

Brotedphoto: The final version of BrokelynThe left the original idea.

Inside, the mole in the department avoided the investigation, and Matt Damon's role did not kill undercover agents in the elevator. 1.

Titanic photo: the iconic James Cameron film was originally an extended final scene, provided by Australian rock sugar.

In the final and alternative versions, the old version of the Rose threw the diamond into the ocean.

However, in the extended version, treasure hunter pakeston tried to stop her and she replied: 'You don't know what the real value is in life, giving him a valuable lesson.

22 Alternative Endings of Famous Movies

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