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4 trends to watch for at tech trade show

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


David van der Waal, vice president of JpgLG electronics, and Mike George, vice president of Amazon Echo, introduced the LG Smart InstaView Doorin-

At the LG Electronic press conference held by Las Vegas, the door refrigerator of CES 2017 attendees.

With InstaView technology and the smart touch screen supported by Amazon Alexa, users can see what's in the refrigerator by knocking on the door only twice without opening the door to purchase groceries using Alexa voice control(Ap Images)

I came to you from Las Vegas, Nevada, and CES 2017 has just started.

This is China's largest technology trade show, bringing together thousands of companies looking to share their vision for the future.

Although the show is huge, some topics will dominate the report.

When you read the CES news, keep in mind that the announced product is usually not released in a few months ---

Some people never come out.

Normally these are not things you can rush to buy tomorrow.

Instead, the announcements provide a view of what is important later this year or in the coming years.

Virtual reality: There are a lot of headset devices here that allow people to work, play and learn new skills in virtual reality.

And a camera that takes 360-degree video.

VR has its followers, but it won't really take off for years.

If so, I hope the headphones will be much smaller.

Health and Lifestyle tracking: sensors and connected devices are able to collect a lot of data and present it to us in a useful way.

There are trackers for fitness, sleep, etc.

I 've seen gadgets this year that can help you to comb your hair better and have a perfect cup of tea. Seriously.

Lesson: Some of these trackers are useful, but many are unnecessary.

Smart cars: Cars were not part of CES in the past, but now cars are electric, automatic

Driving and connecting.

I like to read the cars of the future that can prevent accidents and also play movies, but I don't want to have cars soon.

Smart Home: not in-too-

In the distant future, you will control all your home technology through the app, or--better yet--

Use smart devices that you control.

Voice control allows you to speak your instructions and increase the temperature or dimming the lights in natural language.

This will certainly happen, and many companies want to gain a foothold in this important new category.

Before spending money, look at which systems will appear.

By the way, there was a technology in the past CES conference that was 3D printing, but this year's technology is not much.

Many people don't think it will cause a stir.

Just because a product gets a lot of insurance doesn't mean people will buy it.

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4 trends to watch for at tech trade show

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