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4th graders lend a helping hand to schoolmate

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


The fourth grade students are using 3D printers and they are interested in technology-literally--

One of their classmates.

Over the past six months, more than 150 students have designed and built fake hands and tools for people who have lost their limbs.

With the help of PicoTurbine and regional STEM educators, 9-and 10-year-

The old students spent more than 50 hours on the project.

On Thursday morning, students gathered at 20 schools to show their printed hands and tools designed as part of e-commerce in the regionNable program.

Their projects include different tableware and devices to help people complete their daily tasks with one hand.

Artificial limbs expert, one four

The girls team from school 5 won the first place and got the brand new 3D printer from PicoTurbine.

Amber Seniuk, Maab Iqbal, Sarah Nefzi, and Izraah Zafur have designed a clip that is attached to the thumb of the prosthetic limb to easily hold the spoon or whatever

'It's hard to find accessories for a prosthetic limb that actually works,' said 10-year-old Amber Seniuk . '.

The hand designed by the girl will now be done with more technology to create a fully functional prosthesis.

Once completed, 30-year-old sophomore Chrystian Stephens will be given the opportunity to use.

Christian was born without a hand.

He was a little nervous standing in front of more than 200 people, and he sent a short but powerful message to the group that gathered at the school.

'You work very hard,' he said to older students . '.

'Don't give up your dreams.

Chrystian's mother, Lorena Granda, said her son had done artificial limbs in the past, but no one could compare to the one he was going to accept.

'It's great,' she said . '

'Very exciting, very exciting.

We thank you very much for your participation.

'Darrell Carson, the science director of basic science in Jersey City, has been trying to launch e-commerce

Running projects for several years.

He said it was 'a dream come true' to see the work of the students today '.

'This is a Test level and they need to be interested in it,' Carson said . '.

'It's also ready for their college and career.

'The complete list of winners is as follows: Second place: MC 2 make 17-

Nicole Conteras, Hayley Estremera and Nila sanchsude Square: from school 27-

Thalita De Sousa, Samarth Kiran, kilaya Tejada, Marca TorresComfort: Young and clumsy month of study-

Arvine Balanzat, Alicia Pingyang, Michaela Fluellen Fatima ShakeelUsability: CAD developer from school 38-

Mahendra Ghaness, Robin Wangai, Debo Beye, Akshay Harrybans and Justin seecheranathan will be produced: from school 17-

Marachi Castillo, Christopher henrize and David otalize: handmade inventors at 20 schools

Danicka tenor, Riyanna Muldrow and Bryanah taavaresstrongest solutions: legends from school 38-

Matthew mahder, shaliorozco, Shahzaib YousufInnovative: the team's clumsy month of study-

Fatema Aly, Eza Iqbal and Zeinub KhawajaDesign: 27-hacking of schools

Zoe Canizares, Erica jachero, Dhruva Joshi and Caleb santiago outreach: 30-strange science at the school

Nia Nichols and Farris DardeerMotivation: Prosthectic flying girl from the school month-

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4th graders lend a helping hand to schoolmate with prosthetic STEM projects

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