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bright hub’s image gallery of outrageous gadgets

by:Tuowei     2019-08-25
The old history is full of gadgets and inventors, perhaps the best.
Da Vinci is known.
His drawings of gadgets inspired many people.
It was his tank design and two different versions of the invention.
If the gadget fan has a patron, it\'s Leonardo.
Enjoy this gadget weird album-maybe find a gift for a loved one --of-all-
Gadgets on the holiday list
In 1980, the United States launched an updated old song with a twistrbik cube and went deep into the hearts of millions of geeks.
At one point, I had about 20 different types-most of the time in an unresolved state. My not-yet-
The husband started at one end of the shelf, solved the problem at the other end and got a lot of bonus points.
He doesn\'t know yet-but I ordered this for his birthday next month.
I want to know how quickly his old skills will come back to him.
What is your favorite Rubik\'s Cube? What is the best time to solve the Rubik\'s Cube?
The world as GadgetsEcoSphere has been blowing glass spheres for more than 20 years to make miniature enclosed ecosystems, based on NASA\'s research into enclosed ecosystems in space travel.
While living Earth is not your typical tool, a closed ecosystem is one of the most subtle and difficult. to-
Implement possible systems.
The global ecosystem is an ecosystem.
Gadgets you can enjoy every day sitting at your desk.
I have eaten one or two of these spheres or pods for nearly a decade, though not the same.
Be careful not to give it too much light because the algae grow too fast and the shrimp cannot control it.
Kind of like a miniature greenhouse effect.
In my personal experience, it is not good for shrimp to stay below 32 degrees F for too long.
I have upgraded the size and found that my experience has shown that larger spheres withstand turbulence, movement and temperature changes better than smaller ones.
It\'s not a complex robot, but it\'s cute.
Is there a junior geek on your gift list that wants to give them something different?
This kit for recycling soda cans is cheap enough that you can use it as a stimulus --of-the-
A gift for a child to watch as they like to build their own robot.
Pukkagen\'s pressure airship ConceptAirship pirates, gather you all! Elsie Esq (Les Chatfield)
The spirit of Meccano was established from the plan developed by pukagen more than 20 years ago.
Children\'s architecture is often a tool for inventors and a stimulus to creativity.
The most appealing thing about this gadget to me is that it is actually flying and seems to use only typical Meccano parts.
This gadget allows you to enjoy flying on your own.
Now, I can fly if it\'s big enough . . . . . . It looks like a job for Stewart littlele! T-
Shirt guitar this is a gadget and its home is on your shirt and you can play the guitar and zoom in the sound so everyone around you can enjoy it.
When you touch the corresponding button on the neck of the guitar on the shirt, the actual guitar chord is recorded and played.
The guitar is removable and can be washed.
The shirt offers chords-you play songs-there are no pre-recorded tracks built in. You want a t-
Shirt band and shirt for drums and synths.
Think Geek also sells kids
Size of guitar and drum shirt.
Life Size mousetrap mark Perez is the inspiration behind the Life Size mousetrap exhibition-the 25-ton Rube Goldberg device has caught the world\'s attention on 2007 manufacturer Faire and is on display regularly, including the appearance on 2011 manufacturer Faire.
According to the notes on his website, life sizemousetrap.
Org, he has been studying for more than 13 years.
The flight alarm clock has a true twist on the premise of flying the alarm clock.
When the alarm rings, there is a propeller flying out around your room.
The alarm will not turn off until the propeller returns to the base.
Not exactly a friendly alarm clock that lets you press the snooze button over and over again.
Hear the alarm when you chase the propeller under or behind the bed or bed, maybe stop and look for your glasses-it\'s unlikely that you\'ll be in the mood to turn over and sleep a little more.
I suggest you make sure you don\'t set it up on weekends.
Click on the Lego typewriter-the classic of the great invention series Matt Armstrong-
The Lego typewriter is an unusual and enjoyable gadget.
He said, \"This is part of what I call the Lego gadget series of great inventions.
\"The series also includes the Lego six-point meter, Western Electric wall-mounted phones and some other Lego steampunk --styled gadgets.
Lego is a toy that most electronics enthusiasts play with-many of them are also continuing to make adult Lego models.
Some Lego gadgets are also functional, and Lego has a range of Mindstorm products specifically designed to make functional and wild gadgets.
Is there any part in this typewriter that you have identified from your own Lego toy?
This typewriter is another device made of a children\'s toy and found steampunk aesthetics in the previously seen spirit of Meccano.
Steampunk has a lot of questions to answer-it brings back the concept of everyday gadgets that look gorgeous and fun to use.
It has a code of ethics that drives DIY, focuses on recycling and re-utilization, and encourages the use of imagination.
USB plasma balls are one of the science devices we used to see when we were young.
I remember touching the surface and watching the lightning bolt in the cage jump onto my fingers-I really wish I could take the whole thing off the base of the museum and take it home.
Now I have my own USB plasma ball.
It\'s a lot smaller, but in some ways it makes it cleaner.
When I\'m temporarily unlikely to move my laptop, it\'s now one of the gadgets I connect to my computer.
I\'m happy to take a break from writing and see how many fingers I can use to get the Lightning line spreading around it.
There\'s such a good reason-and-
The effect of playing the plasma ball.
If you want to turn it off with constant power on, there is an on off switch on this base.
3D PrinterIf Gutenberg can imagine that he would want one if only to make typography easier.
3D printing is a major idea in science fiction and can now be done not only in large factories, but also in the privacy of your own geek House. The Thing-O-
The Matic 3D printer is available from MakerBot Industries and can be purchased as a kit or assembled for you at a price below $3 K as shown above.
More and more companies are launching 3D printers, which are used for industrial prototypes, conceptual gadgets, and even one-of-a-kind artwork.
The 3D printer may also be at the forefront of another digital intellectual property dispute-I don\'t think that was imagined when the DMCA was written.
What would you do if you had your own?
This is not a theoretical problem you can imagine at first.
On September 2011, The Washington Post reported on the original 3D printer.
Currently, developers are looking for venture capital to sell Origo for $800.
Not cheap, but the price is about the same as a decent laptop.
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