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business technology; slicing and molding by computer

by:Tuowei     2019-08-13
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If the space station is built, what happens when the crew needs to replace the components?
In the absence of a fully stocked parts warehouse or astro
Parcel mailing, the answer may be the technology that has entered the design studio of the industrial company.
Data that exists only as a part of the data in the computer, but can be transmitted anywhere--
Even Imagine outer space. -
Where the machine makes parts from raw materials.
This method of quickly converting computer data to physical objects is called rapid prototyping, which is now being used by Baxter Healthcare.
Baxter, a hospital supplies manufacturer that is useful in marketing, uses rapid prototyping to make new product models that show marketing reps that they may not be able to read engineering drawings.
Michael McEvoy, senior vice president of engineering at Baxter Healthcare, said: \"We can use this method to reduce development time by 50%, which also reduces costs,\" at a recent briefing hosted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
In an era when a new product is quickly introduced to the market and has become a key competitive weapon, rapid prototyping technology may bring advantages to the company. Mr.
McAvoy said Baxter has developed new production lines for intravenous solution equipment and needles using rapid prototyping technologyFewer connectors.
The rapid development of this technology has not yet developed to the point where generating solid models is as simple as ordering the print output of computer drawings, however, this is a clear goal for the industry, many expect this to happen in the middle of a decade.
Rapid prototyping began in the 1980s S, a process known as stereo molding that uses a laser beam to form hardened objects from a molten plastic bath.
This process starts with a computer.
Assist in designing the data of terminal operation objects;
In fact, the electrons \"cut\" into hundreds of horizontal slices.
When the beam sweeps through the top of the plastic container, the laser beam describes each slice and aggregates the material in which the beam is focused.
Then a support enters the tub a few inches down to form the next floor.
Complex internal shapes due to laser playback on the plastic surface--
For example, a ship in a bottle--can be formed.
Because unstable objects are in danger of falling down before the molding is completed, designers usually add a support structure that can be separated later.
Breaking the traditional practice of building objects from multiple slices is different from the traditional method of forming parts, that is, taking oversized materials, carving or processing them into the desired shape.
The development of stereo printing, and the obvious advantages of being able to quickly convert images from computer screens into physical objects, seems to have inspired the creativity of engineers.
Now, the systems being developed can use different programs to make parts using metals, wax and ceramics, and plastics.
An interesting system developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University involves the use of laser-cut paper masks that use metal to make parts in a template way.
For each piece created by the software, the CO2 laser cuts a pattern into two sheets of paper and then holds it in a frame.
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The frame is moved to a battery in which
The arc torch sprayed a layer of molten metal.
At the opening and the upper layer of the paper, it is several thousand inches thick.
Although the melted metal is hotter than the temperature at which the paper burns, the amount of the metal is small enough to cool before the fire begins.
After spraying, the upper layer of the paper sprayed with metal is removed, leaving the metal part formed by the part and the lower layer of the paper as support.
This process is repeated multiple times when necessary-
The test with turbine blades requires 162 layers and 52 layers of small fan blades--
The paper is then peeled and cut off to release the part. Daniel P.
Carnegie wiorek, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, and he and some of his students have found how useful rapid prototyping can be when they make a second prototype
A generation version of what they call Vu Man\'s \"wearable\" computer.
Plastic case of Vu Man 1, designed for hanging on the user\'s belt and displaying information on the eyes
The horizontal audience is formed by the traditional vacuum molding technology.
This means that each device contains any errors in the design.
\"We forgot to provide a hole for the switch, so we had to go and drill one in person,\" said Professor Siewiorek . \".
The housing of Vu Man 2 is made from stereo printing.
This means that parts can be produced and inspected quickly to see where the design works and where it is not.
\"Before we get Vu Man 2 the way we want it, we may have done four or five iterations,\" said Professor Siewiorek . \".
In other improvements, the back of Vu Man 2 is slightly bent to get closer to the hips.
Fast prototyping can also be used to make short
Otherwise the batch run of products that will not be produced because of the traditional hard-
The tools are too expensive. Mr.
McAvoy said Baxter made the stereoscopic printing models of the parts and then used them as the core to make the molds with rubber materials.
After the rubber is cooled and hardened, the mold is cracked and the original core is removed for the manufacture of molds for 50 to 100 plastic parts.
That\'s the second one we\'re talking about.
Generate a rapid prototype-
Use a rapid prototype as the main model, \"Mr. McAvoy said.
Since computer data can be easily transmitted over telephone lines, it is now possible to actually Fax parts to remote sites.
Parts can be designed in one place and then sent to another place thousands of miles away, the prototype converts the signal into an object. Mr.
McAvoy said Baxter has sent some designs to European affiliates via telecom lines, but when less expensive prototypes become common, the widespread use of this technology is more likely to be in
One day, advertisements may bring these spare parts to the space station.
A version of this article was printed on page D00005 of the National edition on April 7, 1993, with the title: commercial technology;
Slice the computer.
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