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Development prospects in the field of metal molds---Rapid laser forming

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 05 16: 51

The application of laser rapid prototyping mold field is very advertising, and the market share is also very large. Based on the national mold output value of 60 billion yuan in 2005, according to'11th Five-Year Plan' During the average annual growth rate of 12% ~ 15% and 2010 ~ The average annual growth rate during 2020 was about 10%, calculated at an average annual growth rate of 12%, about 100 billion yuan in 2010 and about 260 billion yuan in 2020. According to the average annual growth rate of 15%, about 120 billion yuan in 2010 and about 310 billion yuan in 2020.

take Shanghai as an example: there are more than 1500 mold enterprises in Shanghai, more than 70 thousand employees, with an annual output value of nearly 10 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. The total output value will reach about 20 billion yuan by 2010; Imports from the current 2. On the basis of 0. 9 billion yuan, the compression of 30% will increase the output value of about 0. 7 billion yuan for the industry, and the export volume will reach 1. $0. 3 billion will add another 0. 6 billion yuan to the industry. The mold industry in Shanghai will face six major industries and key industries, especially information (IT) Industry and automobile industry, vigorously develop the precision magnesium alloy die casting mold and precision injection mold in IT industry; The automobile industry covers the mold, large parts die casting die, precision stamping parts multi-station progressive die. In 2010, the mold of IT industry realized 85% localization, and the automobile mold realized 90% localization.

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