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Difference between 3d printing prototype and CNC prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2017-09- 05 16: 10

3d printing and CNC machining are one of the common ways to make prototypes, but for many people, they don't know the difference between them, the company has rich experience in prototyping, and now give a detailed introduction.

1. The processing principle is different: 3d printing uses the principle of layered accumulation, that is, the material forms a layer under the action of the laser, and then superimposes the second layer on it, so repeatedly, until the complete prototype is printed, but the material of the sla is the liquid state, the material processed by sls is powder state; The principle of CNC machining is that the machining tool of the CNC machine tool is engraved on the raw material according to a certain path under the instructions of the program, and the prototype is formed.

3d Printing Processing principle

2, the processing range is different: the materials processed by 3d printing are mainly plastic materials, such as photo-sensitive resin and abs, and the processing range is relatively limited, generally not exceeding 600, if it is larger than this size, it needs to be disassembled to print, and the cost of printing such a large prototype is also very high. Think about it, 3d printing is charged according to the weight of raw materials. Such a large prototype requires a lot of raw materials. The CNC machining materials are relatively wide, and almost all plastics and metals can be processed (Such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc) And its itinerary is relatively large, at least 1 m or more, like gantry machine tools, the processing range can even be processed in the whole range of two to three meters.

3. The prototype properties of the molding are different: Since the material used for 3d printing is liquid, therefore, the 3d printing prototype is not as good as the prototype processed by CNC. In terms of strength, the prototype strength of 3d printing molding is relatively poor, and it is easy to crack when making a screw on it; In terms of high temperature resistance, the pc prototype processed by CNC will not deform at a high temperature of 90 degrees, while the 3d printing will deform at 60 degrees. Because the CNC prototype is directly processed on the plate, the properties of all aspects are better.

4. The accuracy is different: the prototype printed in 3d is rough and the accuracy is low; The prototype processed by CNC has high precision, and generally can reach ten wires plus or minus. The metal prototype processed by the high-speed drilling and tapping center can reach 0 in accuracy. 05mm.

The above introduces the difference between 3d printing prototype and CNC machining prototype from the aspects of machining principle, machining scope, prototype properties and accuracy. , hope to help you.

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