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Difference between CNC machining and 3D printing prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2017-09- 06 14: 55

Xiao Liu said before the difference between vacuum film and CNC machining prototype model, this time Xiao Liu, what I want to say is the difference between 3D printing and CNC Machining Prototype. ( 3D printing here refers to the commonly used SLA, that is, rapid prototyping)

go directly to the Theme ~ Do you know the difference between the prototype made by 3D printing and the prototype processed by CNC? Whether you know Xiao Liu, I started to introduce it! ! Their differences are distinguished in the following ways:

1. The processing method is different:

The processing method should be known to everyone that the CNC processing method is made of a gong of 1. 1 points of the material, 3D printing is made of laser.

CNC machining

2. Different materials:

CNC of materials for general prototype models can be processed, such as ABS, PC, acrylic, PP, PE, etc, 3D printing is now more mature several processing materials are processed by photosensitive resin.

3d printing

3. Processing Time:

Everyone knows that CNC processing time is generally longer than 3D printing, which is only explained more. 4. The price of production:

The price of production will be cheaper for 3D printing in the case of small things made, if it is relatively large and heavy, it is recommended to use CNC machining.

5. The produced products:

CNC products are stronger than 3D printing in terms of resistance to falling, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

The above five points were shared by Xiao Liu through our early meeting in Tuowei, and Xiao Liu shared them with everyone here, if you want to make a prototype, you can compare it according to these and select a processing method that you think is better ~~

to help everyone is to help myself, while you grow up, Xiao Liu I also grow up! !

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